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Every person has expectations and whatever we receive from the universe, most of the times, is equal to or less than what we expect!

But, what if we get something in return which is way beyond what we can even imagine!? Something in similar lines has happened with almost everyone who was involved with Bhumi Robo Fest!


The kids weren’t aware that this day could be one of the most memorable day of their lives. They weren’t up for something which for some of them, can be the triggering point to all their future ambitions.
The volunteers weren’t aware that this day could be the DAY where they actually see the effect of what they did for the last four months.
The mentors weren’t aware that the fest of such huge stage could be pulled off by all the budding volunteers who took up additional roles to be a part of Organising team.

How could all these people possibly expect something out of the world?
So, mentors have decided to give a chance to the budding volunteers and have a taken a back seat, but always ready to be approached for any sort of help!
The BRF team has formed – All of the volunteers doubting their own abilities, but no where hesitating to give their best of efforts.
The team worked hard and coordinated really well until the last moment – the result of which was witnessed on the D-Day!
Moments of hard work, until 11 PM in the previous night of the main event. Witnessing people with like mindedness working hard to put together all the vague thoughts into clear actions with multiple discussions and exchange of thoughts.
A stream of volunteers running everywhere to get the things done. Though everything seemed chaos at front, things were synchronising at the same instant in the back end – and the volunteers are themselves aware of this fact!
The PR team has made sure the posters went out in correct timings.
HIT team made sure our kids and their projects are taken care of during the entire fest until the moment they reached their homes back.
The Venue team made sure everything was ready for the fest to kick-off on the stage.
Finally, our Big Bosses made sure everything went in perfect synch within ourselves and with Nakshatra!
And so the immense out of the world BRF – Bhumi Robo Fest thus began!

The venue was packed up with 78 kids from 4 schools –

Avvai Home (Adyar), Arun Rainbow(Purasaiwakkam), Chennai Middle School (Kotturpuram), Grace Matriculation School (Anna Nagar).

All that was witnessed was passion and nothing less. The passion that was shown by the kids while they were explaining about the Projects. Wow, the immense joy the volunteers had when they witnessed their kids doing so well. Tears of Joy.
Appreciations pouring in from the spectators coming by, Kids feeling so proud about themselves and coming back to their Annas and Akkas to express their happiness. This is what neither of them expected that would happen! It was sheer joy!
Despite all the hurdles or any kind of emotional turmoil during the fest, everyone stood strong and tough. In the end, that is what made the fest so amazing as it was!


Even though the kids were drained out by the noon, they got really pumped up when it was time for the recognitions for each of their efforts!
The roof was blown up with kids roaring and clapping with excitement when their friends went on to the stage to collect their certificates!
When it was time for the recognition of the Annas and Akkas, the kids were even more louder than before!
And the customary group photos were taken, with the signature Yantra style!  😉 dsc_0625-updated
It was almost time for the kids to leave before they even realised. The hall started to fill up with all the emotions kicking in.
Many of the kids and volunteers exchanging autographs as a sign of mutual appreciation. What a beautiful sight it was to witness.
All of them getting emotional since it was the last day for their Robotics class. It was equally important and close to heart for both the Volunteers and the kids.

A never ending goodbyes started. Kids waving hands before their vans could take the last turn on the road and they could not see their Annas and Akkas anymore. Volunteers acknowledging the same.
And that was it, the van has taken the last turn and the Out of the World experience has just left all of them speechless, with a lot of emotions inside, which has already inspired them to be more in their lives, and at the same time touch lives of the people around them and keep the cycle going on!

Between how come a Fe(a)st complete without a dessert…?  🙂

As a final event, Yantra Logo Launch done with style by Bhumi co-founders.dsc_0789-updated

After all, it was Bhumi Robo Fest, which was supposed to defy everyone’s expectations!
So, there was a Change in our lives today. Moving ahead with a hope to Change our tomorrow!

– BRF’2016

Courtesy: Srimanth (Yantra Blog team)

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