About his experience from the start till Bhumi Robo Fest 2016 in his own words,

When a thought provoked me to volunteer I registered to more than 8 NGO’s and Bhumi replied first, message and event update came. I thought I was already part of Bhumi as I was assigned to RTE( Right To Education)  on my own interest, then met Saha (Yantra Project Coordinator Chennai) first time were I was assigned to same area for an RTE event,we became close and accompanied him to Bhumi day on August 15 – 2015.

I was sitting at one corner ,all were cheering,clapping ,shouting and I was dump new place new peoples, Saha was far away in that crowd, then I got interest on ignite projects on seeing the large volunteer force just working to give better education to kids, as Saha (Yantra project coordinator Chennai) was already part of Yantra project thought I could give it a try 😛 ,

Completed my training for the technical and pedagogy aspects for the Yantra project by September 2015 and was assigned to Venugopal Matriculation School centre at Choolaimedu (Chennai), I was also given certain responsibilities to handle a set of kids and  I just enjoyed it. At the last day of Robo Fest experienced great time with kids and felt happy on their projects showcase , also became so close with some children that they literally tried to follow us outside centre requesting us (anna don’t go anna…. ) 🙂

Then I was assigned to Avvai home (Adyar) by July 2016 ,and first time I was interested and assigned to take a big responsible centre HR post. All the fellow volunteers of my centre gave full support to full fill my responsibilities with ease.

My experience at Avvai was awesome, I danced each and every class to make kids energise and perform robot dances to get them more interest on learning robotics, I was afraid to take class as I am not much familiar with Tamil language but still I managed with all the support from kids, I took responsibilities and learned to complete ,at the day of Bhumi Robo Fest I sat with kids of all centre and spoke with them, all where expressing there feelings to all volunteers… had great time.

I felt satisfied ………… !
Thanks to all who supported me….

Thanks for working as family more than a team… waiting for next phase of Yantra .. 🙂

Change Today….. Change Tomorrow…..


Thanks Saif

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