About his experience from the start till Bhumi Robo Fest 2016 in his own words,

All of these wonderful experiences guys… Wow..
Can’t just really hold on to tears right..
One memory which will be a changing moment for me – I cried when Saajan from our center was explain so passionately to all the people who were coming.. The students of IIT were out of words when they heard him explaining..
I couldn’t control my emotions at that single moment.. Went to the back, faced the wall, tears were rolling out, I wiped my eyes and came back.. 😛
That one moment is going to be a strong driving force for a long long time that is going to come..
I never realised this side of my emotions.. I am blessed to have found each and everyone of you in my life.. And I will be forever grateful..

And one more memory –
Few of our center kids were testing my patience to the Max on the robo fest day… I was not able to handle them at all…
Then I gave it up to Other Volunteers.. And they were with them all the time..
And Saha (Yantra Project coordinator Chennai) told me this one thing – you are not sure why kids feel low, when they do.. they just do.. Really small things affect them and we have to be really careful about it.. Thanks a lot for this suggestion.. Seriously.. After that, when I tried to recollect what I did wrong, I realised – when those kids came in the morning, all their friend’s teams had the power supply and laptop ready.. But I couldn’t arrange it for them and I placed a common laptop with two USBs with another school.. I felt that was the triggering moment.. I tried to rectify it after that, but I couldn’t do my best to make them feel positive about me… But this made me realise how detailed and sensitive we have to be with each and every aspect of the kids..

Change Today….. Change Tomorrow…..


Thanks Srimanth

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