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Fundraiser details:

From 2014, Our goal has stayed the same – that is to teach STEM education through Robotics to the children from under resourced shelter homes across Chennai who wouldn’t get the chance otherwise. With the resources we could raise through several similar campaigns, we would proudly and thankfully say we had quite an amazing journey so far reaching more than 1000 kids across various programs and events. But with the ongoing pandemic we are back to Square one, needing to rethink and reinvent ourselves to take the most valuable STEM education in Virtual form to the shelter home Kids. With the belief that with challenges comes opportunities, we consider this pandemic as an opportunity to explore the possibility of teaching STEM education online.

With more than 20+ vols from the Yantra Project, Chennai working on the same cause, the biggest and most discouraging hurdle that we face every week during our online classes is the lack of resources in the shelter homes to support online classes. Some homes lack speakers, computers with webcam and some lack basic materials to conduct activities. Our estimate of our needs are as follows.

Materials to conduct activities – 2000 / 10 children.

Speakers – 700 / home.

Currently we are teaching in 2 homes and are expanding to two more homes in the upcoming weeks.

Total Kids count – 70.

The total estimate of our needs is as follows

Materials for all homes – 14000

Speakers – 3000

17000 is our goal that we need to reach before this  month to start our activities next month to take our classes efficiently.

And if you resonate with the idea of teaching STEM education online, you could contribute to our cause by donating in the below link. You can follow this below blog to know the updates on what your contribution is being used for.

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